Primus Cloud Solutions

About Us


…we believe that you deserve the very best to be able to make the most from your business.

We are a licensed cloud computing company with a team of Cloud Certified Professionals in AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle, etc, located in the state of Maryland in the US.

Primus Cloud Solutions is well-positioned to capitalize on the demand for Cloud Services and infrastructure. We are a leader in the provision of comprehensive cloud solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

We have a strong market presence, a compelling set of offerings, and the technical wherewithal to expand your business beyond the clouds

…you save up with our solutions.

Our cloud solutions require little or no capital outlay by you. Cloud offerings are consumed on a subscription basis with all aspects of the offering being provided by us, thereby requiring no major upfront investments either in software or other licenses, or hardware.

Our Cloud solutions cost less. Because Cloud offerings are provided by larger entities that effectively aggregate volumes and thereby achieve scale economies unavailable to any mid-sized company, a customer can typically lower their overall technology costs.

We are more flexible. An organization can use as little or as much of any Cloud technology as is needed, scaling capacity up and down without incremental infrastructure costs.

We are focused on the value addition of our client’s revenue targets and we will invest in streamlining and adapting many of our existing implementation and support business processes to be fully Cloud-relevant.