Primus Cloud Solutions


Primus web Hosting Service

This is Primus Cloud Solutions’ web hosting service, Primus Web Hosting. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable, secure, and high-performance platform to host your website, ensuring a seamless online experience for your visitors.

Key Features

❖ High Uptime Guarantee
We ensure a 99.9% uptime guarantee, providing your website with optimal availability.

❖ Scalability
Our hosting plans are designed to scale with your business,
accommodating growth and increased traffic.

❖ Performance Optimization
SSD-based storage, content caching, and advanced server configurations deliver lightning-fast load times.

❖ User-Friendly Control Panel
Manage your hosting environment with ease through a user-friendly control panel, allowing you to configure settings, monitor resources, and more.


Primus Plug is marketed as a product of primus cloud solutions. Primus plug is a web app designed to help engineers who have some specific tasks they are not able to execute and need external help from freelance and experienced engineers to solve these problems. Our goal is to match  a client to an industry expert who will help them solve their problems ensuring confidentiality, integrity and perfection

Key Features

❖ In build Messaging
This feature ensures that all conversions between client and the freelancer stay within the platform so as to ensure compliance and prevent leakage

❖ Moderate pricing
The system rates have been set to a low percentage to ensure
average pricing per task and also subscription basis

❖ Recruiting
Long term goal is for recruiters to be able to recruit directly from the platform and get the best engineers based on the tasks they have completed on technologies the recruiter is looking for .

❖ Job board
Freelancers can be able to apply to long term contracts and also apply for jobs within the platform. We recommend the client jobs with descriptions that match the technologies they are most proficient in