Primus Cloud Solutions


Our Services

We are a licensed cloud computing company offering IT solutions to help you work efficiently. Some of the services offered are:


❖ Assessment and Planning: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the existing infrastructure, applications, and data to determine migration readiness.

❖ Migration Strategy: Designing a tailored migration strategy, including choosing the appropriate migration approach (rehost, refactor, re architect, etc.).

❖ Data Migration: Transferring data securely from on-premises systems or other cloud platforms to the target cloud environment.

❖ Application Migration: Moving applications, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance in the new cloud environment.

❖ Post-Migration Validation: Thoroughly testing and validating the migrated systems to ensure they meet performance, security, and functionality requirements.

Migration as a Service involves seamlessly transitioning a client’s existing IT infrastructure, applications, and data to a cloud environment. This service ensures minimal downtime, risk mitigation, and a smooth transition, enabling clients to leverage the benefits of cloud technology.


❖ Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): Setting up automated pipelines for code integration, testing, and deployment.

❖ Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Automating the provisioning and management of infrastructure through code for scalability and efficiency.

❖ Configuration Management: Ensuring consistency in system configurations and automating updates and patches.

❖ Monitoring and Performance Optimization: Implementing tools and processes for real-time monitoring, alerting, and optimising system performance.

❖ Security Integration: Embedding security practices into the DevOps pipeline for secure application development and deployment.

DevOps as a Service focuses on streamlining the software development and deployment process. It involves implementing best practices and tools that enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, leading to faster, more reliable, and secure application delivery


❖ Application Containerization: Packaging applications and their dependencies into containers for consistent deployment across various environments.

❖ Orchestration and Scaling: Utilising container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes for efficient deployment, scaling, and management of applications.

❖ Load Balancing and High Availability: Implementing load balancing strategies to distribute traffic and ensure high availability of applications.

❖ Resource Optimization: Managing resources dynamically to allocate and deallocate as per demand, optimising cost and performance

This service involves the deployment of applications in cloud environments, leveraging containerization and orchestration for consistent and efficient scaling. It ensures applications are highly available, resilient, and optimised for performance


❖ Identity and Access Management (IAM): Implementing strict access controls, authentication, and authorization protocols to safeguard resources.

❖ Data Encryption: Ensuring data at rest and in transit is encrypted to protect against unauthorised access or interception.

❖ Security Auditing and Monitoring: Implementing load balancing strategies to distribute traffic and ensure high availability of applications.

❖ Compliance and Governance: Ensuring adherence to industry-specific compliance standards and implementing governance policies for data protection. 

❖ Incident Response and Disaster Recovery: Developing and testing plans to respond to security incidents and recover data in case of disasters.

Cloud Security as a Service focuses on safeguarding cloud environments from potential threats and vulnerabilities. It involves implementing a comprehensive set of security measures and practices to protect data, applications, and infrastructure.


❖ Full-Stack Development: Covering both front-end and back-end development, utilising a range of programming languages and frameworks.

❖ Custom Software Development: Designing and building bespoke software solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements.

❖ Integration Services: Ensuring seamless integration of new applications with existing systems and third-party services.

❖ Quality Assurance and Testing: Conducting rigorous testing to identify and rectify bugs or performance issues. 

❖  Documentation and Training:Providing thorough documentation and training resources to facilitate user adoption.

Application Development as a Service involves the end-to-end process of designing, developing, testing, and deploying custom software solutions. It ensures that clients receive high-quality, tailored applications that align with their business objectives